ISLA’s Seven Instructional Hoops©

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The Key to Culturally Responsive Instruction Respectful of Tribal Traditions... Of Teaching, Learning, and Understanding

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INSTRUCTIONS: These videos can be filtered by Grade Level, ISLA's 7 Hoops and Curricular Content Areas, using the red buttons below. These three filters may be used in combination with each other to narrow the results, and multiple selections can be applied to each filter. The circled numbers to the right of each selection indicate the number of videos relevant to that selection.
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  • Sampler ISLA's Seven Instructional Hoops© Classroom Lessons

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  • Sampler of Art in the Core Curriculum for Native American Students

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  • Kindergarten
    Native American Students’ Tribal Flags Lesson

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  • 1st Grade
    Visual Astronomy Lesson

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  • 2nd Grade
    Critical Reading Lesson

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  • 3rd Grade
    Visualization Writing – Wind River

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  • 3rd Grade
    Visualization Writing – Family Activities

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  • 3rd Grade
    Math Lesson on Subtraction Art

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  • 4th Grade
    Gobble Monster Fractions Lesson

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  • 5th Grade
    Visualization Spelling Lesson

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  • 6th Grade
    Cellular Biology Science Class

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  • 6th Grade
    Soc.Studies: Reading Non-Fiction Endangered Species

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  • 7th Grade
    Language Arts Speaking – Grandma with Frybread

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  • 7th Grade
    Social Studies Lesson on Arapaho Gods

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  • 7th Grade
    Special Education Class: Estimation with Video Data

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  • 8th Grade
    Writing Reflection: Art, Music, Poetry: Starry Night

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  • 8th Grade
    Language Arts Reflective Writing: Black Elk Speaks

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  • 8th Grade
    Math Lesson on Probability

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  • 8th Grade
    Interviews on Student Learning

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  • 8th Grade
    Language/Culture with Elders: Tribal Creation Story

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  • 8th Grade
    Language Arts Speaking: Speaking Up in College

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  • 9th Grade
    Social Studies: Political Geography of Middle East

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  • 9th Grade
    Language Arts Speaking: ISLA’s Seven Hoops

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  • 9th Grade
    Math Class Statistics: Fish Population Sampling

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  • 10th Grade
    Students Composition: Reaction to Native Mascots

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  • 10th Grade
    Science: Geology & Prehistoric Ecological Systems

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  • 11th Grade
    Language/Culture with Elders: Ghost Corral

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  • 11th Grade
    Visual Statistics Lesson, NBA Championship Game

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  • 12th Grade
    Social Studies History: Rise of Nazis, Holocaust

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  • ISLA Sampler of Eight Native American High School Classrooms

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