Achievement Gap

NO Improvement!      For Reading - Stagnant      For Math - Worse
In Both 4th and 8th Grades in 2011, For American Indian/Alaska Native Students, Compared With Their Non-Native Counterparts
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The Gap in Reading Scores Was Not Significantly Different From Scores in 2005 or 2009

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The Gap in Math Scores Was Larger Than in 2005

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Missing Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

In Curricular Content
  • Huge Investments in Money, Time, Energy, Technology
  • Research Made Curricular Content Culturally Responsive
In Instructional Methods
  • NO PARALLEL EFFORT to Change Instructional Methods
  • Methods are stagnant
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Strength-Based Programming

1 – Learning Style
2 – Tribal Culture and Place
3 – Collaborative Learning
4 – Needed Skill Sets

Almost 80% of the Native Children
Are Visual-Spatial Learners
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Deficit Model

Train Has Already Left the Station!
Reject Deficit “Catch-Up” Model!
Reject “Remediation” Instruction!
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