ISLA Delivers the Missing Link in American Indian Education – Strength-Based Culturally Responsive Instructional Programming

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ISLA’s Vision

Today’s Native students become confident and highly qualified leaders and innovators for the 21st Century.

Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies

Consistent with how Native American children learn outside of schools –
• In their Homes,
• From their Elders,
• In their Communities
• In Tribal Settings.

ISLA’s Mission

To help tribal and urban educators focus on Native students’ strengths, so that those students leap ahead to learning, mastery, and achievement.

Visual-Spatial Learning
Not Just the Newest Digital Idea...

Is a Very Old, Traditional Path To Knowledge.

Know Students’ Strengths, and Differentiate Units/Lessons
To Activate Visual-Spatial Learning.

ISLA Services

• Learning Style Assessment
• Visual-Spatial Identifier©

Professional Development
• Learning-Style Centered
• Lesson Design Assistance for Teachers

Ongoing Support
• One-on-One Instructional Support
• Technology Integration, Lesson Planning
• Mentoring and Co-Teaching Outreach
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Detailed Visual Model Showing Clash Of Empires in the Middle East.
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Girls Connect Visually With Business and Math Content
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